Hertzsprung Rules

The basic idea is that each player takes on the role of a scholar, documenting the Hertzsprung system in the 25th century, as judged by current Earth calendar. Hertzsprung is a colony system, originally populated by Humans and their assorted minions. Unfortunately, due to Humanity's ongoing disputes with the New Visigoths the system has been forced to develop alone – Nothing new has left or entered Hertzsprung since the Forging of the Chains.

The game is played in 12 turns, each one taking one week to complete. In this way, the game will last for three months.

On the first turn, each player writes an encyclopaedia entry for a planet in the system. There are therefore as many planets as there are players. Each player must make two citations to other entries in the encyclopaedia – although these are "empty" entries. They haven't been written yet.

On the second and subsequent turns each player is given two of the empty entries to write, at random (though they never get entries which they themselves originated.) They again make two citations to other entries in the encyclopaedia (not planets, though moons are acceptable.) On the last turn nobody makes any citations so that every empty entry is filled in at the end of the game, forming a nice encyclopaedia of a fictional world.

You must treat everything other players write as factual.

Hertzsprung Rules

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